In a chat with Pulse TV upon his arrival in Nigeria from South Africa, the light-skinned said he felt betrayed and disappointed.


He said, “Right now, I still stand by my words. I’m disappointed. I am not surprised because eventually, it’s a game. I’m waiting for her to leave,” he added, blowing a kiss at his housemate lover.


“Even if I am not pleased with the fact that she has given me a reason to have trust issues, it doesn’t take away the fact that she is still an amazing person.


“Things might not go your way. If I had pulled off the way I had it in my head. I will be hailed as one of the masters’ strategists but if it does not go your way, people will send some insults your way.


“It does not change anything between both of us. It was when she nominated me I started sleeping on her bed, we became closer.


“I felt like that was the highest point of betrayal. My strategy just did not go my way.”


Speaking further, he said, “I and Uriel had a little bit of miscommunication because at some point, she felt I was not communicating enough to her and it wasn’t exactly like that.


“Sometimes I kept to myself, thinking of what to do next…”