Nairametrics| Dangote Flour Mills has re-branded its pasta products with new packaging and a new formula to improve its market equity share.

Speaking at the customer launch in Kano on Tuesday, the Executive Director, Sales, and Marketing, Dangote Flour, Halima Dangote, said the improved product would delight consumers and distributors, as it comes with a new taste and new pack.

According to Dangote, following research, the company found that consumers would prefer improved non-sticky pasta. She added that it is new improved pasta with durum wheat. The Group Chief Executive Officer, Thabo Mabe said the durum wheat formula is to reduce stickiness and improve taste. Halima Dangote added that “We did a lot of tests and research, and it took us six to eight months to get the right combination in order to give consumers quality pasta with the best taste.”

The Deputy Managing Director/Executive Director, Supply Chain Alhaji Ahmed Yakassai, said the improved product is a major development for consumers; because durum wheat is the highest quality of wheat on the market. “So our pasta is nutritious, non-sticky, and great tasting,” he said, encouraging consumers to stock up and tell their friends.

According to Halima Dangote, though ecccellente is an indigenous product, the quality is high enough to compete favourably with the imported foreign brands like barilla.