Heavyweight cyber security outfit, Kaspersky, has listed Nigeria as one of the 17 countries hackers from North Korea have attempted to steal money from using cyber-attacks. According to two international security experts, it is likely that these attacks are meant to raise funds that North Korea needs to further its nuclear program.

According to the report from Kaspersky, the hackers launch cyber-attacks from computer servers far from North Korea to hide their location with the exception of one connection from the Asian country. “North Korea is a very important part of this equation,” said Vitaly Kamluk, who leads Kaspersky’s Asia-Pacific research team.

An in-depth investigation revealed that North Korea has a history of being accused of cyber-attacks on financial institutions in other nations. In 2013, South Korea accused it of attacks on their banks; while in 2015, they were also accused of attacking a commercial bank in Vietnam. The report lists Nigeria and Gabon as victims of their latest attacks.

While many of the attacks were unsuccessful, some have had a measure of success, such as the routing of millions of dollars in Bangladesh’s account at the US Federal Reserve last year. This possibility highlights the need for Nigerian banks as well as the CBN to review their cyber-security protocols and programs to ensure that Nigeria and Nigerians’ funds are safely kept against cyber-attacks from international hackers.