They are young, famous and rich. P-square (Peter and Paul Okoya) has become one of the most loved and desired entertainers in Africa. Recently the well-known twins have bought a new gorgeous mansion in Banana Island, Lagos. Let us have a peep inside P-square house in Banana Island, which is crazy expensive.

P-square house

P-square's house in Banana Island

It is not a secret that celebrities have a habit to buy themselves high-flying presents for birthday, twins from P-square are not an exception. The recent such present for 35th birthday has become a marvelous house. To the party, which was held in P-square new home were invited such prominent persons as Aliko Dangote, Freda Francis, Omoni Oboli, AY Makun and others.


P-square mansion in Banana Island


By the way, they are the only entertainment Nigerian stars, who have a mansion in Banana Island.

Banana Island (often called a Billionaires Heaven) is a place where the most expensive and luxurious mansions are situated, these properties are sold for billions. They also have beautiful houses in Atlanta and California. They can afford them, their estimated net worth is $128 million. These talented young men are not only singers and showmen, they are as well dominant representatives of such trademarks as Globacom and Olympic Milk.

P-square house stairs


P-square's house is really cool, very light and furnished with perfect taste. There is a big and light living room, magnificent stylish kitchen, exquisite lounge, a pool and a private home cinema. Every detail in the house has been chosen with love and perfect sense of taste, everything is on its place.

P-square house home cinema


P-square house kitchen


P-square house kitchen


 We only can imagine what was the final price for P-square house because only the building land cost a bundle (it is estimated as N100 million).

We knew about all attraction of the P-square mansion in Banana Island thanks to brothers’ Okoye love to demonstrate how prosperous and full of joy their lives are. There are tons of gorgeous photos from the inside and outside the beautiful building in the networks. The only things, which is kept in secret is the address of adorable mansion.

Have your friends heard about a new acquisition of Okoye brothers (P-square) in Banana Island? Share with them, it is a crime to keep as a secret such marvelous photos!