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  1. ₦100.00
    The Nnanna family is haunted by the Okemmuo deity. They have lost their father and eldest daughter, Lisa. Now Brenda was dead too and Mrs. Evelyn would have no more of it any longer. Find out how Detective Chris Arthur grills out the evil desire to accumulate wealth and assets, which led Dr Philip Iweala to murder Dr Ben Nnanna and severe their friendship eternally.
  2. ₦200.00
    After a decade of going incommunicado, Clement reconnects with his old friends. While his friends gave him a near warm welcome, Clement nursed something sinister. Who trusted blindly? There is only one way to find out; buy and read.
  3. ₦100.00
    The Bank Worker Vices tells the story of James and Alice, and the two bank managers who are in contention for the district manager job of Delight Bank Limited in Idemmili. As they mingle in this tale of friendship, love, espionage and a potential blackmail.
  4. ₦150.00
    I have seen religion leaders give in their faith in front of operations, temptation for sex, money, hunger, power, position and influence... The story of a church boy from a good home who didn't stand with what he has spent years learning from good people around made me understand that no matter how long you spend in your comfort zone, if you have not step out you will never know how capable you are in keeping to your standard. This insightful story ' THE COMPROMISE' by Abiola Abidemi will prepare your mind to know what you will face when you move outside of where you are called king or queen zone; will show you how to get yourself ready for the live test and examination from people and environment. This book is a story of a young boy who gave up all he believed because of one single act that can make anybody to give in. i believe you will want to step out of your good zone, this story book that is full of real life experience will be your road map to your dream world.