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Machinery and industiral parts

Machinery and industiral parts

  1. ₦336,000.00

    FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Ceramic Rotary Gate Valves are designed for pressurized and vacuum systems including dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems, discharge and vent applications in steel plant and coal power. The whole of ceramic sealing faces of the valves are well ground and polished, which is ensure a reliable sealing performance of the valve.

  2. ₦155,000.00

    Great power Generator for heavy weight equipments and houehold lighting

  3. ₦5,500,000.00

    Concrete mixing truck consists of truck chassis and concrete mixing delivery device, mixing tank keeping rolling during the transportation process. It is special purpose vehicle that combines the functions of concrete mixing and delivery.

  4. ₦25,000.00
    Garri Fryer Made In Nigeria by Niji Lukas Nigeria Ltd
  5. ₦211,500.00

    FREE-Valves Ceramic Knife Gate Valves are known as slurry gate valves. Its have simple structure and can cut off medium which contains solid particles and fibers, but for some very hard particles or serious erosive mediums, general metal seated knife gate valves will be washed out easily, so ceramic knife gate valves are very suitable for those mediums containing  fibers and hard solid particles.

  6. ₦260,000.00

    FREE-Valve’s Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve is mainly used in feeding and dumping the dry powder and the transport pipeline, which not only adopt toughening ceramic as shut off and wear out resistance material, but also design construction of pressure self-sealing and valve disc auto-rotate, so as to the sealing surface within the dry powder get more wear resistance in process of opening and closing frequently, thereby, which guarantee the high requirements of sealing performance of this valve and long working time.